Thursday, March 12, 2009

WAPIFASA is a non-profit agency serving youth, ages 10-20, in the Asian and Pacific Islander community in King County helping youth deal with chemical dependency and substance abuse issues. They provide services for families, school and King County Officials that meet the cultural needs and expectations of the community we serve.
Its mission is to provide and advocate for culturally competent and age-appropriate prevention and substance abuse treatment services for Asian Pacific Islander Youth and all Youth of Color.

What is unique about this organization is how it uses Hip-Hop as a tool to fulfill its mission. WAPIFASA sponsors the Katalyst project which teaches youth how to rap, dj, produce their own music using readily accessible computer hardware and software. What is amazing is the type and level of local talent that is involved with this project, most notably DeeJay B-Girl (Mia Beardsly) and Emcee Gabriel Teodros.

If you live in the Seattle area and consider yourself a producer, emcee, dj, turntablist, b-boy/b-girl or you just love Hip Hop AND you want to work in the community, please call the Katalyst Project!!

For more information on any of WAPIFASA's programs,
call them at (206) 223-9578.

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