Saturday, March 21, 2009

On The First Day...
First Day Of Weekend Record Sale.

One to go. Our two day sale seems to be a hit judging by the scores of collectors, deejays, and music lovers that stopped by to support our cause (or just get the best deal in town on records).

Our co-founder, Shonuph had a lot to do with the success of this day; passing out handbills, hanging posters, and texting his wealth of contacts within the Hip-Hop, D&B and Dub-Step worlds. We had other volunteers that came through and really made a difference to our success as well. Ato Kambui; Hannah and Liz Fretz, we could not have done it with out you. *DJ Man-At-War spun one of the best old school hip-hop sets I had heard in a long time...thx.

I have to admit that I was surprised at what sold and what didn't. I spent lots of time working on my 80's and 90's hip-hop 12" crates...the cool 80's MTV generation stuff....classic rock staples (Beatles, 'Stones', Clash, Doors). Yeah?!? I sold some of that stuff indeed. It was a surprise how many people wanted 80's R&B...Soundtracks...Lounge... even K-Tel records were being sold today. Man...I was like "what da
F#@?" Somehow I thought that I was the only music "nerd" that liked that stuff.

It was no big surprise to me was how many folks brought our 45's. I didn't put anything on the market that was super rare. If you we willing to dig, there were quite a few boxes of good condition 80's pop, soul, disco, and R&B standards that were selling for as low as $1.00-2.00 a disc.

I am sure some cool stuff slipped by me. No sweat...its tuition if learned something. I feel like I am still a "baby" at this record game compared to the talented customers I learn from. Yeah...there are the the known deejays, producers, and hardcore music collectors that came by and shared their knowledge but what impresses me the most are the seemingly "ordinary peoples" that turn me on to "new music" from my own record collection.

They will walk up really excited and hand me a record that I thought I knew all about. I am thinking... O.K, what's so cool about [blah, blah, blah] then they will tell me about that "one" track...with the bass player from [blah, blah, blah] the one they did before they were [blah, blah, blah]...or this drum break was sampled by [blah, blah, blah] and was used for that new hit get the picture. I am excited to learn about records from anybody as I am a true "recordhead".

Important notice: I had told folks that I was bringing in 1000s of new records for Sunday's sale. That didn't happen as planned. My apologies. I had only managed to bring in a box or two of new music. If you come...I hope you find something you didn't see on Saturday.

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  1. Hey man, thanks again for putting on this fine event yesterday -- I was the first guy who showed up (Rob), and it was a pleasure meeting you. Seems like you've got a good thing going there and I'd definitely love to stay in the loop with any other vinyl-related activities you may host in the future.

    Any plans to get on Twitter with a RecordHeadz account? Could be another good way to get the word out for these type of events. Let me know if you sign up and I'll spread awareness of what you're doing here; my Twitter handle is RobLaGatta.

    Thanks again man. Hope the second day went as well as the first.

  2. Thanks for coming Rob. Hove you enjoy your "wax". Don't know much about Twitter...guess I should learn. Home you can come back to the extended sale...or just stop by Electric Tea Garden to say hi. We will always have about 1000 or so records I will be selling for Recordheadz at the tea lounge.