Thursday, March 26, 2009

Capitol Hill Record Sale EXTENDED Mar. 27,28,&29

We have decided to extend the Capitol Hill Record Sale for another weekend. March 27th, 28th, and 29th we will be set up in the Electric Tea Garden's main room for more 12" bliss (oh my...).

We sold lots of records last week and we are not looking forward to hauling scores of record boxes (at 50-60lbs each) down a flight of stairs and into a storage unit. I am going to sell like I am one of those crazy used car guys..."NO PRICE IS TOO CRAZY for 'Mr. 12 Inch Johnny' (er...that would be me) ... push pull or drag your wallet down to Pike Street and we'll give ya a deal".

Look at the events calendar to see our weekend schedule.

*NOTICE: If I got your email address at the first sale...give it to me again. I have misplaced the sign up sheet from that day. You can email me at This way you will know about our sales, events, and community projects.

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