Sunday, March 29, 2009

Cool Records....Sold At Today's Sale

These are some of the LPs I found while digging around @ The Electric Tea Garden:

"Ms." David Oliver 1977

"Moskow Disco" Telex 1979

"Bamboo Child
" RYO Kawasaki from the album "Juice"

It is amazing what I put into storage. I am wondering why I didn't keep some of these records in my home collection. Most of the music I purchased in the early '90s were records I was buying to "sample" for original hip-hop tracks or just cool stuff I wanted to use in mixes.

The David Oliver record has some cool sexy vocals with a nice "disco" beat. It is some of the better stuff from that era (late '70s Disco).

The song by Telex was one of my brother's records...he passed away over 10 years ago. At first I did not want to sell the records I got from him. He was older than me and had lived in Europe during the mid-late '80s. He was in London when a whole lot of cool things were going on...Soul to Soul...Acid Jazz...beginnings of Jungle and D&B styles. He was also there when house was the center of electronic music. "Moskow Disco" is some fun Electro-boogie stuff...reminds me of Kraftwork.

Now this Ryo Kawasaki LP, "Juice" is a BANGER!!!! It has lots of cool, moody tracks on it. I remember this guy from Tarika Blue, a late '70s jazz fusion project from New York (I think). This record has one of the coolest covers I have seen in a long time.

I hated to part with these records: they all sold at today's sale. I have one more copy of "Juice". I may need to hold on to it. : )

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