Monday, March 23, 2009

Vinyl Music: The Comeback Kid!

I have read several blogs and seen the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) reports that show that the vinyl music format is coming back. Sales are up 20-30% from previous years. Many new artist are opting for vinyl pressings of their singles and remixes...instead of CDs.

Eliot Van Buskirk of blogged about this and wrote:

"According to the RIAA's recently-released 2007 sales report, the American music industry sold 36.6 percent more Extended Play (EP) and Long Play (LP) records than it had in the previous year, increasing vinyl sales revenue by 46.2 percent. CD unit sales, on the other hand, declined 11.7 percent with revenue dropping 20.5 percent during the same period."

You can go to Wired: Listening Post to read the full article. Or google "RIAA VINYL SALES" and a host of information will pop up...20 or so articles at least. I'll give you the summary...they mostly say that VINYL IS BACK !!!

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