Thursday, March 12, 2009

Sorting all of the junk

We are sorting through all of the "junk" so you don't have to. We have "exiled" all of the Neil Diamond, Mich Miller, Readers Digest Compilations from 1950, and polka records to a box in the corner. Our March 21 - 22 sale will be mostly junk free--with exception to the 10 for a $1 corner.

Sometimes I like to get an Enoch Light album or an old Sesame Street LP. That stuff is fun to sample and scratch with. I just hate going record digging at garage sales and used stores because there is usually too much junk to sort through.

Our sale should be fun for most types of collectors because of the diversity and volume of records on site.

We have priced the records to move. Even the classic Hip-Hop singles and well known rock LPs are going for "buddy" prices. Our goal is to raise enough money to start the first crop of RecordHeadz projects in the community. I have talked to many groups, deejay's, and promoters in town and they are excited about this new project.

One of the first projects will be digitizing some of the classic records and 12" singles, saving them to *.mp3 files so that we can use them with Rane's Serato Scratch and other software programs. This is very labor intensive and time consuming...but will allow us to share files with music programs that we are working with. I am checking with the RIAA to see what are the legalities and if we qualify for an educational exception. Stay tuned.....

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