Sunday, March 29, 2009

5000 More Records.....Wow!

5ooo More Record Dropped Off This Morning

Its early Sunday morning; just me and the birds are awake. I am sure that church folks are getting dressed to go and pay homage to their faith, community, and such. In some ways I guess I am doing the same thing. Records and music have been sort of a 'religion' for the last 2 weeks or so. You know that in all matters of faith, there is this fine line that separates the fanatic-the perversion of what was once sacred. I stand here in the Electric Tea Garden, surrounded by undeniable proof that I am a fanatic; the boxes and crates of records spread out across the room. It is both awesome and embarrassing.

Awesome becasue I think I have owned more records than most folks I personally know...except for maybe Vitamin D or Supreme La Rock. To be honest, I envy their collection. These are true digging collections...bought mostly piece by piece. I started out that way and quickly got into buying collections from other folks, book stores, etc. Yeah...I guess it is incredible that a guy could own and maintain a collection of 30,000 + records.

It is also embarrasing becasue aside from some eBay sales I haven't really done anything with these records...until now. They have sat in storage or mom's basement for a decade or so. I have 10,000 of them that are packed into a storeroom in the back of my cafe (Brewhahacafe).

That is where the projects come in. I have worked for over a decade in non-profits around town (Youthcare, Ryther Childcare, Central Youth & Family...) and I have also ran a few small businesses. I see this project as a way that I can do both in a sustainable way. I realize that I am "mission minded" and promoting music in schools, community programs, etc is a issue that goes "deep" within my soul and my psyche.

The big sales are lots of work and can be expensive with all of the manual labor needed to sort, set-up, and move around a collection of this size. It seems that it is hard for 'regular folks' to get to the big sales. I guess I wanted to make something that was more stationary and had more hours where records would be availible for purchase and listening.

With all of that in mind, it felt logical for us to create a 225 sq. foot 'permanent' record section in the back of Electric Tea Garden (1402 E. Pike Street). I am not sure about the details...they are still being developed. I do know that they will be availible from 3pm till 9pm Tuesday till Saturday.

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