Monday, March 16, 2009

Steve Davis "Music" 1970 RCA

Who the F*ck is Steve Davis!?!?!

Steve Davis "Lalune Blanche" 1970 RAC Records

This is one of the best record I have heard by a guy I've never heard of. Sonically this project is mature, fat, but never crowded. The songs are varied in style, dancing in the space between the major genres (rock, soul, country, jazz) without ever really landing on any one of them long enough to be branded.

The hip-hop duo Gangstarr sampled the cut "It's All Because You Are Gone" on Daily Operation. I am surpised that other groups have not taken riffs from this gem. Every song I heard had something good...either a breakdown, a fat bass line, or some cool horns. This LP was made to be sampled--with the drums and bass being isolated to the left stereo channel and the horns and vocals landing moreso on the right. It is easy to gram clean snipets.

The song in the video clip, "Lalune Blanche" has been featured on many rare groove compilations. As for the other great songs...I have only really heard them played on the LP I had bought at a yard sale years ago.

The Cover is simple, yet very artistic. There is lots of information on the back...just not enough for me to figure out who the hell Steve Davis was and what other projects he had during the same period. The search continues.....


  1. real name : Stephen Allen Davis...Successful composer,many many songs under his belt...

  2. Hi, poster above is correct and here's what I know. Steve is from the Nashville, TN area and is related to Nashville music God Harold Bradley. I knew his younger brother Costo during my high school years. Both gifted "in the blood" type musicians - Costo mainly played the Hammond B-3 when I knew him and Steve obviously did the same. Costo played fusion jazz for several years but ultimately went into the Nashville session business and worked his way up. Steve has the pipes and songwriting skills. I didn't know what happened with Steve after this album, I think it may have been the post above that led me to that info. I bought the LP when released and it's in terrible shape now, I keep looking for a replacement or someone willing to upload some additional tunes besides this one and "It's All Because She's Gone", which can also be found.


  4. hi ya'll...i am steve davis alias stephen allen davis...thank you for the good vibes on the MUSIC album...what a pain in the ass to make...they made me work with Danny Davis becasue he played>>>how smart was that...he said no to everything i wanted to do> really...i did not quit pushing him...i was 18-19 when i wrote all the songs and played and put the full band together and produced...check out other product with alias name> peace/out